What is Gamers Coin ?

Gamers Coin is the loyalty program
customers can benefit from while shopping
from Gamers App

You can earn 1 Gamers Coin for each 10 JD
you spend.

You can exchange 25 Gamers Coin for
a discount of 2.5 JD at the checkout screen.

You can start using the discount when
you collect your first 25 Gamers Coin

What is User’s Level and XP?

XP is used to level up your account
as explained in the table below.

For each 1JD you spends you gain 1XP.

Your level determines the gamers coin
multiplier you can earn for spending 1JD
as explained in the table below.

Level XP needed Coins multiplier
Recruiter Recruiter 0 X1
Warrior Warrior 500 X2
Pro Pro 1000 X3
Elite Elite 3000 X4
Legend Legend 5000 X5
Gamer Gamer 8000 X6